Teaching Jobs In Ghana, Check Out Employment Opportunities In The Area Of Teaching.

Teaching Jobs In Ghana

Indeed, teaching is one of the most popular jobs you will find in Ghana, if not the most popular.

Unsurprisingly, most youths in Ghana see teaching as an easy-to-get job offering a basic income.

This guide will explore the many kinds of teaching jobs in Ghana and how to apply and get them.

First, let’s look at the various teaching jobs available in Ghana.


Types Of Teaching Jobs In Ghana

If you are looking to teach in Ghana, then you can explore employment in teaching available in one of the following types of institutions:

  1. Private Basic or Junior High School
  2. Government Basic or Junior High School
  3. Private Senior High School
  4. Government-Assisted Senior HighSchool
  5. Private Tertiary Institutions or University
  6. Government Tertiary Institutions or University

Notably, all of the above institutions or schools have the qualifications they expect from a teacher, instructor, or lecturer who applies to teach there.

Therefore, let’s look at the nature of these schools and the level of qualification you need to teach in them.


Private Basic or Junior High School Schools In Ghana

A private basic school is any private educational organisation which runs a curriculum meant for children from infancy to JHS3.

Thus, basic education in the modern day includes pupils from Creche to Junior High Schoo 3.

Now let’s look at the qualification you need to teach in private basic schools in Ghana.

In this regard, most teachers at private basic schools in Ghana are people who have completed Senior High School in Ghana.

Nevertheless, you will sometimes find teachers with tertiary qualifications working in some private basic schools in Ghana.


Government Basic School or Junior High School

Remember that basic government schools run the same curriculum just as private ones.

Unlike private basic schools, you need a minimum Diploma in Basic Education certificate to teach at government basic schools.

Here, you will sometimes find some teachers with higher tertiary qualifications teaching in government basic schools.


Private Senior High School

Private Secondary Schools run a curriculum for students from SHS1 to SHS3 in Ghana.

Interestingly, the minimum qualification you need to teach in a private senior high school in Ghana is a degree certificate in the relevant field of knowledge.

Preferably, you should possess a Bachelor’s Degree in a Secondary Educational subject area to qualify to teach in any senior high school in Ghana.


Government-Assisted Senior High School

Like Private Secondary Schools, you must possess a degree certificate to teach in a Government-Assisted Senior High School.

The only difference is that you must have a secondary education certificate.

Remember to pass your Teacher Licensure Examination before applying to become a teacher in a Government-Assisted Senior High School.


Private Tertiary Institutions or University

The minimum qualification to teach in a private tertiary institution is MPhil (Masters’s Degree in Educational Philosophy).

However, it would be best if you had a PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) to teach at the University.

Nevertheless, some private universities allow Master’ Degree holders to teach there.


Government Tertiary Institutions or University

The minimum qualification to teach in a Government tertiary institution is a PhD (Doctor of Philosophy)

Nevertheless, some Government universities allow MPhil (Masters’s Degree in Educational Philosophy) holders to teach there depending on the peculiar situation.

From the above, it is clear that you need to evaluate your qualification before dreaming of getting employment in any school in Ghana.


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